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Welcome to the Junior and Youth Catamaran sailing website.

This site is aimed specifically at younger catamaran sailors and those who aspire to become cat sailors. We aim to keep you up to date with events – both training and competition, results, Squads, the boats being sailed and the sailors sailing them.

UKCRA Youth are a part of the United Kingdom Catamaran Racing Association with the aim of promoting Junior and Youth catamaran sailing in the UK.

 The United Kingdom Catamaran Racing Association (UKCRA) Youth is an organisation set up to promote and develop youth catamaran sailing and racing in the UK. UKCRA Youth is not linked to one single class of boat we welcome any young sailor who is interested in multihull sailing.  We have been working very closely with the RYA Youth Racing team to ensure that Junior and Youth multihull sailing is a real option for young sailors looking to move into a multihull.  We provide advice to sailors and parents for the best way to get into sailing multihulls.

As the multihull world moves towards foiling boats, UKCRA Youth are developing a training package and guidance to ensure that young sailors start to “fly” safely and quickly.  Through the main UKCRA we have access to some of the foiling cat sailors who are the forefront of foiling cat development and sailing.

UKCRA Youth at a Glance

  • A comprehensive year-round open training program.
  • High quality coaching, with some of the best coaches in the country.
  • A variety of top training venues.
  • A comprehensive program of varied competition, including class events, top international open meetings, nationals multi-class events and joint Nacra 15, Spitfire and Nacra 17 meetings.
  • Charter boats, available to teams who want to sample cat sailing at a training weekend.

  Who is it for? UKCRA Youth welcomes all sailors and especially sailors making the transition between Junior and Youth Classes. Many of our sailors have moved into catamarans after sailing the mainstream junior and youth mono-hull dinghy classes such as the Optimist, Topper, Mirror, Cadet, RS Feva, 29er and 420.  We also welcome those young cat sailors who are already sailing different Catamaran classes who would like to develop their skills. 

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The Boats

We have also included links to the websites of the Class Associations of the boats being sailed, where you may find more specific class information, and a link to the UKCRA site which give you access to the broader Catamaran sailing community.

We hope that you find the website interesting and useful.

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